Our story

In the Summer of 2020, Charlotte was looking to make a career change and Hayley was searching for an idea for her grad school thesis. We were obsessed with trying functional food and beverages, and spent a lot of time searching for things that would:

  • give us a boost without a crash and burn
  • inspire our creative juices
  • and maybe even make us feel a little euphoric.

Functional mushrooms helped us solve many of our ailments: fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog, to name a few. After some light research (and scheming), we realized that a ready to drink mushroom beverage didn’t even exist (yet).

While both working our 9-5 day jobs, we began formulating recipes for spice-driven, fruity mushroom teas. After a series of “mushroom” parties, COVID-19 scares, and ridiculous shipping delays, Immorel Beverages was born out of the pandemic. It made its debut in the streets of Brooklyn, New York in January 2022.

Our logo is a morel mushroom, a sneaky, coveted mushroom [with a cult-like following] that causes a flurry of excitement when found in nature. We hope to emulate this effect when customers find us in their local grocery store, bathhouse, gym, NA bottle shop, or maybe even night club.

About the founders


Charlotte Rogg, is an entrepreneur and a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Ever since she worked as a business advisor for a student-run cooperative in college, she has known that shewanted to start a community-driven business that incorporated cooperative principles. She first discovered her love for mushrooms while foraging in the forests around Boston. After growing her own mushrooms out of her kitchen, she knew she wanted to help spread the word about their functional benefits.Charlotte co-founded Immorel Beverages with her best friend Hayley in 2021. Together, they're determined to expand their mycelial network to all parts of the world. When she's not busy at Immorel Beverages, you'll find Charlotte lost in her fictional fantasy world, creating nature-inspired art at her pottery studio, or seeking some peace and tranquility through hiking, foraging, and yoga.


Hayley Kats spends most of the time in her kitchen concocting vegan treats, and running through the streets of Brooklyn. Hayley earned a degree in nutrition at UMass Amherst, where she met her best friend/co-founder, Charlotte Rogg. In grad school, she immersed herself into the world of product development and mushrooms and was exposed to the possibility of creating her own beverage. Along with Charlotte, Hayley hopes to expand Immorel’s reach and community, and bring the benefits of functional mushrooms to people all over the world. When she's not working on Immorel Beverages, Hayley enjoys cooking, attending live music events, hosting dinner parties and spending some quality R+R time with her two cats, Miko and Tahini.