Who started Immorel?

Immorel Beverages, a line of sparkling mushroom-based teas based in Brooklyn, New York, was launched by Hayley Kats and Charlotte Rogg in early 2022 .The women-run collective embraces health culture in a spooky and mischievous way, offering ready-to-drink mushroom teas without the bullshit of wellness culture. The intense flavor profiles of Immorel teas, destined to disrupt bored taste buds, are reflective of the founders intense personalities. You can find Immorel teas in cafes and markets across Brooklyn, or join the mushroom mischief online at @drinkimmorel and www.immorel.com.

When and where should you be Immorel?

Before starting your day (swap out your coffee, grab a Wake the Eff Up). At work (forget the 3pm sugar craving, crack open a Feed Ur Focus). Before a stressful family gathering (calm your nerves, Slow Ur Roll). Before exercising (cordyceps pre-work out style) Before a big presentation. Before a flight. At the club (Immorel is a great alcohol-alternative, and dare I say… mixer? Recipes coming soon). After the club. On the subway. Before going to sleep. Truly anytime of day.

Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms are often perceived as spooky or dangerous due to the fact that their distinct shapes and colors go against the ideals of conformity and beauty in nature. We aim to disrupt mycophobia. We believe that there is no “moral,” or “correct way,” to be healthy and would like to promote a more accepting and affordable view on what it means to be physically and mentally balanced and nourished. Our logo is a morel mushroom, a sneaky, coveted mushroom with a cult-like following that causes a flurry of excitement once found in nature.

Will my drink taste like mushrooms?

Nope! We use extracts that don’t impact taste.

Are there morels in my drink?

Not yet.

Do you use magic mushrooms?

No we use mischievous mushrooms, or functional mushrooms (aka adaptogens). Currently, our products contain cordyceps and reishi.